Blockpulse allows you to simplify your asset structure or fund your project through a safe and compliant platform.

Crypto assets issuance, storing and transferring of value must be performed with a high level of reliability, efficiency and security.

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Privacy, security and traceability of operations are guaranteed by cryptography.

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Overcome obstacles …

  • KYC/AML reinforced (chain analysis tools)

  • Assets recovery mechanism

  • Custody of underlying assets

  • Governance, voting rules, code of ethics

  • Regulatory changes

  • Government bodies enforcements (taxes, restrictions, court cases…)

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… with smart solutions.

  • Asset management and administration rights by authorized third parties’ signature

  • Accounting systems with encrypted transactions and read access to third parties (Auditor nodes)

  • Ability to transact and transfer assets

  • Fractional ownership of illiquid assets

  • Secondary asset market

  • Protection against counterfeit

  • Reliable storage of transaction history


Design a token that fit your needs requires a methodology and an understanding of technical & regulatory frameworks.

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What we provide to our clients : 

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Our turnkey solution allows you to generate your own token on our private blockchain.

It provides you flexibility on the way you want to handle your token sale strategy and comply with regulations.

You can now focus on the preparation of your token sale.

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You can now launch your crowdsale in the easiest way. You can handle both pre-issuance and issuance to fit your situation.

KYC/AML are performed on each user, both fiat and crypto payment channels are managed, funds are secured with a multi-sig escrow.

Token distribution is no more a pain.

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You can monitor the list of your token holders, interact with them at each steps of your project, handle revenue/dividend distribution.

Depending on your token design, you can list your token on our internal exchange and allow our community to trade it.

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Threshold multisignature operations, through a private blockchain layer, gives issuers and third parties different administration rights for both approval and read only access :

  • Pre Issuance & Issuance

  • Redemption & Prolongation


  • Limit Management (deposits, withdraws, transfers, trades)

  • Block/Unblock Account

  • Dividends Payouts

  • Recovery Procedure.


Multisignature operations enhance privacy, transparency and traceability retranscribed into an immutable ledger.


Our legal partner Kramer Levin and research provider Alpha value help us to structure services around crypto assets’ primary and secondary markets.


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